Sunday, September 20, 2009

so how did you spend your Saturday evening/morning?

Here's ours, don't be jealous.
10:00 pm: in bed hopeful for a good night's sleep
11:30 pm: participants for a gathering next door begin to arrive
12:30 am: taxis arrive to pick up the partiers and shuttle them to the local bars
2:00 am: drunk students arrive home from the bars and have more
revelers in tow
2:30 am: yay! pizza arrives
3:30 am: the party moves out back onto the deck--why not let everyone take part in the celebration?!
3:45 am: we call the non-emergency police
3:55 am: police arrive
4:05 am: citation issued for the dumbshits next door
4:10 am: we crawl back in bed
4:20 am: fireworks go off sending the Husky into her version of the Fight orFlight Response aka the Pee and Poo Response
4:30 am: we crawl back into bed...again
4:55 am: another round of fireworks
5:05 am: well we might as well stay up now
5:35 am: finish watching the movie from the night before
5:40 am: bleary-eyed we attempt to sleep one more time
8:00 am: start the day with baggy eyes and some phenomenal bedhead

Did I mention that I spent all of the daylight hours of Saturday with a fever? Yeah, so some rest would have been helpful.
But hey, aren't you glad the Gators beat Tennessee?

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Bren said...

Are those idiots ever going to graduate and MOVE AWAY??????