Friday, June 27, 2008


I have to admit that we have become obsessed with a couple of things in the last few weeks. So if it seems that we have come up missing, it's because we have fallen into the rabbit hole of the documentary Grey Gardens. In actuality, we have fallen in love with Little Edie Beale. What a fascinating woman. Grey Gardens is a documentary by Albert & David Maysles from 1976 about the reclusive aunt and cousin of Jackie Kennedy. It's a no frills account of the lives of these two women and the mansion they inhabited in The Hamptons, and it is absolutely enthralling. A true study in the human psyche and our need for each other on a social level. Pause the music, and take a look at some actual footage from the film:

Last year, Grey Gardens made it to Broadway and Little Edie was brilliantly brought to life by Tony Award winner Christine Ebersole. You can bet your booty that this will be a feature of Broadway Monday soon! The following is a clip from the show which gives a good sampling of a chat with Little Edie.

Absolutely obsessed we are.

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