Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wii Shit

Ok, so let's talk about the Wii Fit.
First, this is an amazing game/invention. There is no denying the incredibleness and accuracy of this little board. It is engaging, fun, helpful, educational, and more fun.
Secondly, I only have one complaint, and it's really not so much a complaint as it is a "whaa? Geez, that was rude!"
When you initialize the Wii Fit game, it is necessary to go through a body test which includes among many other factors, your weight, height, body mass index, and balance. After all the information is gathered your Wii Fit Age is determined along with a weight classification, all while your cute little cartoon avatar Mii watches from the sidelines.Much to my surprise, after I was classified as obese, (that's not the surprise) my Mii totally tubbed out!! How rude!
Now let me expound: I was not offended by the classification. I'm aware of my huskiness. But to take it out on my defenseless little Mii is unacceptable... ;)
Of course, until I meet a goal or actually lose some weight, I am forced to look at me and my lovely in avatar form and be further reminded that I need to spend hours on the Wii Fit.
I do, however, find solace in the fact that I am queen at the Super Hoola Hoop! That's right baby! These hips are Calorie Incinerators!
Stay tuned for more Wii action shots, guest Miis and hopefully some reduction in my avatar's girth!


Revday said...

OMG! Lol. ^_^

Camille said...

Might have just peed a little. Do you happen to have a video of the caloric incineration? You must post this!

If it makes you feel any better, Wii Fit never had anything nice to say to me either. We broke up, and I'm currently infatuated with Mario Kart (nothing better than getting humiliated online by eight year olds from around the world).