Tuesday, April 21, 2009

blame it on the gays

So now I guess we gays are responsible for Carrie Prejean not winning the Miss America title last night. Wow, we are awesomely powerful! First 9/11, then Katrina, now this! I can totally see why America is so scared of us and try at every turn to keep us down. I'd be scared of us too. We are freakin' awesome! BTW, Miss Prejean, if you are so happy with your answer to the question, and feel like "the winner" because you stood on principle, why did you run to Fox News so fast? Happiness with your answer doesn't beg the need to plead your case on the "news" network that butters their bread bashing and demonizing homosexuals. You don't think your losing had anything to do with the fact that your answer may have been real, but other parts of you clearly are not, do you?


Camille said...

Gah! I'd been debating on whether or not to blog about this, so I'm really glad you did. Because I can't stop banging my head against the wall long enough to post it.

"No offense to anybody out there..."


Maybe now she realizes that bodacious tatas will never make up for her blatant bigotry.

Bren said...

I'm sure she follows everything the bible says.... WHATEVER!!!! Gross!!! I personally think pageants are disgusting and should be banned. Sounds like her sister ventured out into the real world and realized every single person deserves the same rights. As far as I'm concerned, every state should support gay marriage and gay rights. Churches, groups and individuals who don't like it can choose not to "recognize" gay marriage within their clique. Their opinion really doesn't matter to us. But states have the power and the obligation to give equal rights. What the hell are they waiting on????